What’s wrong with Box Color?

box colorHow bad can “do-it-yourself” hair color you buy at the store really be?  For less than $10 you get the whole kit and can do it yourself in the convenience of your own home.  It seems harmless enough, but there are reasons you should invest in a good stylist to get the perfect color.

One size does not fit all

Most box colors use at least 12% developer to ensure that it will work on all hair types.  This means a higher percentage of hydrogen peroxide than you need which can damage your hair.  Certified hair colorists are trained to know how much developer to use on an individual to help them achieve the desired results.

There are many factors that haircolorists need to consider before customizing your hair color:

  • Natural level & underlying pigment
  • Skin Tone
  • Level of Porosity
  • Previous artificial pigments
  • Percentage of gray (if any)

Damaged hair

Photo Credit tderden/E+/Getty Images

You can color your hair and still keep it shiny and healthy but probably not using a box color. Coloring your hair at home can damage it and make it feel like straw.  If you continue to use the box color on top of your already colored and damaged hair you will wind up with breakage and frizz.

Schedule a free consultation with one of our professional stylists and get the color you want without the damaging effects of box color.

This photo displays the transformation from a box color to beautiful, healthy natural looking hair. Haily made this client very happy!

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